Coastal Integrative Health Success Stories

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"For two years I have had bad lower back pain. I have been a very active golfer for the past 50 years. My back was so painful, I believed I would have to give the love of my life up. Thanks to Dr. James Morosky, I am with out back pain. Last week, at a PA golf course, I hit hundreds of balls each day for six days with no back pain!"

- David C.

“My wife and I like to go to Myrtle Beach every year or two for a week of golf. After driving 12 hours to get there, we had just finished unloading the car and unpacking and were ready to relax before heading to the course the next morning. I bent down to pick up one last item that needed to be put away and my back popped. I could barely sit down, let alone stand and walk, without being in excruciating pain. There was no way I could play golf in the morning. My vacation was ruined.

Luckily, my wife still wanted to go play golf in the morning and I was feeling well enough to ride around in the cart with her. After telling my story to the golf pro at the course, he gave me a business card for Coastal Integrative Health and told me to go see Dr. Lank as soon as I could. It was Sunday, so after an entire day of ice and ibuprofen, I called Dr. Lank’s office in the morning. I managed to get an appointment for Wednesday morning on short notice. Feeling a little better, I decided to try and play our afternoon round on Monday. I was okay for about 10 holes, but sprained my back again on an approach shot and was done for the day.

We decided to take Tuesday off, but had a great tee time for Wednesday that we did not want to miss. We were able to see the doctor soon after arriving in the office and recounted my story. Dr. Lank’s understanding of chiropractic medicine along with his understanding of sports and sports injuries allowed him to immediately understand my problem, my pain, and what I needed to get myself back on the course. After about an hour of treatment, I felt like a new person walking out of the office. I was able to play 18 holes of golf that afternoon and the next day, virtually pain-free. I did not even feel too bad after the 12-hour drive home at the end of the week.

The bottom line is that if you are in any sort of need of therapy for a sports-related injury, or any other muscle injury that is preventing you from enjoying the sports or activities you love, do not hesitate to make an appointment today. You will not regret it.

Thank you Dr. Lank!"

- Jeff

“I broke or shattered, the bone right below my right knee in 15 places while home on R&R. After having surgery, I was told it may take upwards to a year for my recovery because of the screws, bolts, rods, and metal that was needed to help my leg to heal. It was 30 days after surgery when my doctor gave me the go ahead for physical therapy. I had heard through a neighbor about Coastal Integrative Health and looked to them for my recuperation. On our first consultation, I told them my occupation and the adverse conditions that I am subject to where I am stationed. But my goal was not to be out of work for a year. The staff there worked very hard with me to meet my goals, and I amazed myself at the progress I made with their expert therapy. After 5 months of a very regimental physical therapy, my orthopedic surgeon was amazed and I was released to return to full duty. Almost exactly 6 months to the day when my accident occurred, I returned to my assignment at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. This would not have been possible without the dedication of the staff at Coastal Integrative Health. Thank you all for your time, dedication, support, and hard work to get me back on my feet and back to duty and provide for my family.”

- Bryan B.

“Having worked on both the European Tour and the PGA Tour for the past 20 years I can say with conviction that Dr. Brian Lank is amongst the best in his field.”

- Nick B.

"My husband is an avid golfer. Dr. Lank and his staff were able to help his back when no other doctor or chiropractor could. As a golfer’s wife I will forever be eternally grateful to the excellent treatment and care Dr. Lank and his staff extended to Mike. So much so that I too became a devout patient there. I’ve recommended Dr. Lank to several friends, each of whom are also grateful to be feeling so much better under his care. Dr. Lank, you and your staff are just THE BEST! And I think there need to be more stars available in the rating to reflect just how good you truly are! Thanks!"

- Michele & Mike V.

"Patrick was the best Physical Therapist I have ever been to. He minimized any pain and was able to make excellent progress in getting the joint back to normal."

- Tom O.

"I was extremely satisfied with Coastal Integrative Health services. Both Brent Henderson and Patrick McCauley were outstanding in all aspects of my treatment process. I really can’t say enough nice things about Pat and Brent , they were excellent."

- Gary H.

"I really appreciated working with Patrick and Don. The one on one approach is far superior to my experiences with other clinics."

- Marge C.

"Having an individual therapist, I believe, allowed me to make progress more quickly than in a group situation. Each therapist provided exactly what I needed based on my progress at the time. Pam was exceptionally good at working with me through the “ tough stuff”. Brent , Pam & Dr. Pat are an excellent team and I appreciate all they did to help restore my arm to working condition once again!"

- Debbi W.

"Everything was great…and with the nicest office staff!"

- Pamela H.