Nutritional Counseling


If you are suffering from health problems and medication does not seem to be helping, then perhaps you could try a natural, nutritional alternative in Leland & Shallotte.

The body can develop chronic pain and illness resulting from lack of nutrition and compromised health. Turning to these answers in times of stress can give you the results that medication may not.

Sometimes it's necessary to take a look at your nutrition intake and lifestyle to determine where the solution lies. That is why Dr. James Morosky, D.C. of Coastal Integrative Health offers professional nutritional counseling in Shallotte.

The fast-paced lifestyle, which a lot of us seem to live, results in a lack of sleep, exercise, and an excess of processed foods. Convenience is essential when you're on the run, and unfortunately, this can mean opting for meals that are calorie-loaded but nutritionally deficient.

This can have severe implications on our health, resulting in a variety of problems.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements and Nutritional Counseling from our Coastal Integrative Health Doctors can provide solutions for health and well-being issues. Being equipped with tools to attack your current lifestyle head-on can result in decreased inflammation, lower blood pressure, and increased cognitive function. As the body receives nutrients it requires to function productively on a daily basis, problem areas will naturally right themselves.

This can be more efficient than taking medication that may only serve to mask the problem temporarily. Nutritional counseling offers a natural way to relieve pain, improve your lifestyle, and feel better physically and mentally. At Coastal Integrative Health, we proudly use whole food supplements from Standard Process with our patients. These are entirely organic supplements, derived exclusively from plant and animal sources, which allow the body to receive what it requires. Check out the latest products we offer or where you can buy them below.

If you want to feel healthier both mentally and physically, with your lifestyle back on track, get in touch with us today, and schedule an appointment with Dr. James Morosky. You won't believe the difference.

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