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Lydia Smith, P.T.A.

Lydia Smith, P.T.A.

Physical Therapy Assistant


• Graduated Associates of Science South University 2014.

Lydia Smith was born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in Titus, Alabama. She knew from an early age that she had a passion for helping people and trying to make them laugh, but she did not know how to incorporate that into her career. While playing highschool softball, she injured her knee and ended up having to have surgery and going to physical therapy to rehab her injury. While she was in therapy, she realized that the physical therapy setting was exactly what she was looking for in a career, and knew that she wanted to do that with her life.

Lydia has been working in the Physical Therapy field since 2011. She has a passion for assisting patients in their rehabilitation process, all while encouraging them and trying to help them enjoy their time in physical therapy. Lydia enjoys working with patients of all ages, and loves to see patients surpass their goals and see how well they progress from initial evaluation to discharge.

In her free time Lydia enjoys spending time with her husband, Harrison, and their dog, Bosco. Some of their favorite activities include playing sports, hiking trails, eating good food, and watching comedies.