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What is Dry Needling?

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on June 16, 2020

Dry NeedlingIf you’re suffering from chronic muscular pain or stiffness, you may have heard of alternative treatment options such as dry needling and acupuncture. While both dry needling and acupuncture use needles, these treatment options are not the same. Dry needling is provided by physical therapists that receive different techniques and training. 

Dry needling is a type of alternative treatment option for patients suffering from certain musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms. This non-invasive procedure uses a thin needle to puncture the skin and target muscular trigger points. Trigger points can be tight bands of muscle fibers or local contractures that may cause tenderness, stiffness, pain, or limit a patient’s range of motion. 

A Look at Dry Needling Techniques 

Dry needling uses in-and-out and non-trigger point techniques to target specific points within the body. In-and-out methods involve the insertion and quick removal of the needle. During the procedure, a needle is used to prick the trigger points beneath the skin before being removed. 

Non-trigger point techniques avoid inserting needles solely within areas of pain. This form of dry needling involves the insertion of needles in areas that are around the points of pain instead of directly on trigger points. 

The Benefits of Dry Needling

Dry needling techniques offer a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Relief from muscular pain 
  • A reduction of muscle stiffness. 
  • Increased range of motion

What Kind of Ailments is Dry Needling Used to Treat? 

Dry needling is an alternative treatment option that is used for several ailments, including: 

  • Whiplash 
  • Tendinitis 
  • Certain types of headaches, including tension headaches and migraines
  • Spinal disk-related conditions 
  • Joint-related conditions 
  • Repetitive motion disorders, such as carpal tunnel 
  • Pelvis pain 

Dry needling techniques are generally used in conjunction with other forms of chiropractic care, such as manual therapy, exercises, and heat therapy. Dry needling is not for everyone and should be avoided if you are: 

  • Pregnant 
  • Taking blood thinners 
  • Recovering from a recent surgery 

Dry Needling in Shallotte  

Dry needling is a natural treatment option that is used to treat several conditions. The Coastal Integrative Health team takes a holistic, patient-centered approach to ensure that patients receive the most comprehensive care available. 

Is dry needling in Shallotte right for you? Contact our office to learn more at (910) 755-5400 or schedule an appointment online to get started.

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