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Why Choose Physical Therapy Before or After a Knee Replacement?

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on December 16, 2019

knee pain treatmentThe thought of replacing your knee joint is scary. 

Arthritis affects nearly a quarter of all US adults, with many facing severe knee pain. While modern medicine has reduced recovery times and made minimally invasive options available, knee replacement is nothing to take lightly.

Physical therapy before and after your knee replacement is critical to help you get back on your feet and back to life as soon as possible. 

Why is PT So Important Before and After Knee Replacement Surgery?

For many patients with a severe knee injury or arthritic damage, a total or partial knee replacement is their only opportunity to live a life without constant joint pain.

Knee replacement isn’t as scary as it used to be. However, replacing parts of your joint with plastic or metal still carries significant risks – including persistent pain and stiffness!

Many patients are surprised to find that their stiffness did not improve following a knee replacement – even six months post-op! Studies have found that comprehensive PT therapy both before and after the procedure can improve your chances of recovering knee mobility.

Research suggests that beginning a dedicated PT regimen at least three weeks prior to surgery significantly boosts your post-op outlook. Meanwhile, those who don’t take any pre-op PT measures tend to take up to 20 days longer to recover.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy in Shallotte

Our physical therapist director, Dr. Patrick McCauley, at Coastal Integrative Health has a doctoral degree in PT and certifications in related studies so he understands the delicate nature of the knee joint pre- and post-replacement.

Dr. McCauley and the PT team at Coastal Integrative Health will analyze your medical history and symptoms and coordinate with your surgical doctor to develop a personalized PT regimen that minimizes your post-op downtime and encourages long-term mobility.

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