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Can Arthritis Treatment Help Your Golf Game?

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on June 17, 2019

LAW2 SCOLIOSISAs temperatures rise, golfers are preparing to return to the course. If you are hindered by nagging pain, rest assured you are not alone.

Up to 40% of golfers play the game with injuries, according to the Cleveland Clinic. If you are apprehensive about ramping up your game due to persistent discomfort, we can help with arthritis treatment customized to your specific needs.

Pinpointing the Problem

The first step is pinpointing problems that might be holding back your performance. We offer a full evaluation utilizing our Biomechanical Performance Analysis. The innovative technology assesses every area of the body associated with your golf swing, so we can uncover potential problems and provide treatment to effectively up your game.

Treatment Plans Designed Just for You

Once we know which areas require attention, we will create a customized arthritis treatment plan that might include one or more of the following:   

1. Chiropractic

Manual manipulation is at the core of our chiropractic treatments, with the goal of restoring alignment to the spine to allow for more efficient healing. Chiropractic care focuses on the relationship between your spine and nervous system, which broadens treatment to the entire body and not just the back and neck.

2. Massage

Massage is an ancient healing practice that uses various techniques to reduce tension, relieve pain and treat a host of chronic conditions. The process addresses both soft tissue and the muscular structure, with the goal of impacting the energetic systems of the body. 

3. Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy is designed to restore strength and range of motion to areas of the body affected by disease or injury. Our physical therapists treat a broad range of pain-inducing conditions using proven techniques customized to your needs and goals.

If you are ready to take your golf game to the next level this year, contact Coastal Integrative Health today at 910-755-5400 to learn more about our arthritis treatment programs.

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