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Why Choose Physical Therapy as Your Knee Pain Treatment in Shallotte?

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on August 1, 2018

man receiving physical therapy for knee pain

At the heart of the everyday activities you do are your knees. So when you start to feel pain in either one or both of your knees, this can be life-limiting. 

But it needn’t be for much longer. 

Physical therapy is a fantastic way to build up strength in your knees and keep them mobile. This helps prevent your knee pain from getting worse and may potentially eliminate your need for surgery. It may also be used to complement your surgery – pre- and post-operation. 

So why should you opt for this knee pain treatment in Shallotte?

The Benefits of Pre- and Post-Operative Knee Pain Treatment in Shallotte 

You may have been referred for knee surgery already, but that doesn’t mean physical therapy can’t help you at all. In fact, quite the contrary. 

With the unique exercises and techniques a physical therapist can carry out and show you, you could boost the success of your surgery no end. How?

Physical therapy helps build up strength and stability in your knees before your surgery, ensuring they’re in optimum health so they heal quickly afterward. Plus, these specialists can also teach you rehabilitation exercises that help eradicate the risk of knee pain in the future as well. 

Preventing Surgery with Physical Therapy

If surgery isn’t on the cards yet and you want to keep it that way, visiting a physical therapist is the way forward. During your initial consultation, they’ll look at your knee pain, carrying out a number of tests to find out what’s causing it and why. This allows them to put together a fully tailored treatment program.

Your treatment may include exercises and modalities that eradicate your pain while increasing how mobile your knees are. And these exercises aren’t reserved solely for your appointments – they’re ones you can continue doing at home to further enhance the health of your knees. 

Some of these exercises are: 

  • Balance exercise
  • Hip-strengthening exercises
  • Lower-extremity exercises 
  • Quad sets
  • Short arc quads
  • Straight leg raises

Your consultant will advise how frequently you should do these while assessing your progress each time you visit them. They may also complement this with massage therapy and other chiropractic techniques. 

How long will your treatment program last for? 

This depends on the type of injury you have and whether you require surgery. Sometimes, you can expect your recovery period to be around six weeks, with the number of visits you need depending on how severe your pain is. 

Make sure pain is no longer ruling your life by seeking this effective knee pain treatment in Shallotte. Book your appointment today.

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