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Reducing Fall Risk Starts with Physical Therapy

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on June 12, 2018

Elderly man receiving physical therapy to prevent falls

It's a fact that the older you get, the greater your risk of falling. There are numerous reasons why you become less balanced. Just as the risk of taking a stumble increases, you also risk greater injury when you do fall.

As the human body ages, a broken hip or even brain injury from the trauma of a fall become more likely. It seems as though about 27,000 seniors are dying annually as a result of a fall. Better balance will help in reducing fall risk, and that can begin with physical therapy.

How Physical Therapy Helps

One of the key elements of physical therapy is helping people get mobile again. You don't have to have suffered an injury that kept you off your feet to benefit from this treatment though. 

Your physical therapist in Shallotte will evaluate your health and your risks, even if you've already suffered from a fall or broken bone, and work with you to find better balance. You will learn exercises and movements that will help reduce pain and keep you mobile.

You need to take these lessons home with you. Don't just do them while you're visiting your PT.

Reducing Fall Risk at Home

Reducing fall risk at home is about more than just doing those exercises prescribed by your PT. You also need to make sure that your home is a safe place. Have clear passageways, put in railings, and invest in shower safety devices.

Another thing that can help you work toward better balance right from the comfort of your own home is yoga. Yoga strengthens your muscles, loosens them up (making them less prone to breaks if you fall), and increases your balance.

Integrating Physical Therapy into Your Life

With the help of Shallotte based Coastal Integrative Health, you can be on the path to a more steady gate and a decreased risk of falling.  Understand that these things happen as we age, but don't be afraid to be proactive about it either.

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