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Chiropractic Care for Natural Headache Treatment

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on April 12, 2018

man holding his head due to a headache

From chiropractic care to massage, there are an array of natural headache treatments that can help you battle brain pain without medications. In understanding what causes headaches, you can learn how to treat them.

On average people only get one to two headaches a month. More women than men suffer from this pain. If you have a lot of headaches monthly, there's some reason for it (allergies, sinus issues, stress, or something bigger).

What Causes Headaches?

According to a post from the American Chiropractic Association about the link between headaches and chiropractic care, there are many headache triggers. A few of the hundreds of headache causes include foods, noises, environmental factors, and insomnia. 

Your headache could be a sign that something else is wrong. Headaches can be caused by illness or by the environment, or they can sometimes seem to come on with no reason behind them whatsoever.

Where the pain is radiating from may help you determine what is causing your headache. Tension is a common cause of headaches and can cause all sorts of head and neck pains. Other headache types not caused by disease include migraines and cluster headaches.

Those last three are often referred to as primary headaches because they are the concern rather than an underlying cause (like treating a sinus infection for a sinus headache).

Natural Headache Treatment Through Chiropractic Care

When you're suffering from any one of the types of primary headaches you may be in so much pain that you feel like it's the end of the world. This need for pain relief is where a treatment like chiropractic care can come in handy.

Muscle and spinal manipulation can help relieve tension, no matter what the cause. Not only can the right adjustment make a difference, but your chiropractor will give you tips on posture to help prevent future headaches and advice on other natural headache treatments.

Other Natural Headache Treatments in Shallotte

Posture is just the beginning when it comes to possible causes of tension headaches. Your exercise routine could be at fault (maybe you're not exercising, and that's the problem). It could be your chair or even your desk at work. Ergonomic furniture can help.

Massage is a great natural headache treatment, it works internally to help your body clear pathways. It helps with relaxation and inflammation. Coastal Integrative Health, located in Shallotte, offers massage therapy and chiropractic care. Call (910) 755-5400 today to make an appointment. 


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