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The Benefits of Seeking Physical Therapy After a Knee Replacement

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on November 9, 2017

When you undergo a total knee replacement (TKR), the rehabilitation and recovery process is imperative to getting you up on your feet and enjoying an active way of life. Having physical therapy can help you heal quickly, greatly improving your long-term success rate

That’s why it’s important to commit yourself to a plan, pushing yourself to do as much as you can each and every day. 

But how does outpatient physical therapy benefit you more than at-home physical therapy? 

Outpatient Physical Therapy Provides a Quicker Recovery Period

According to a recent study, patients who received outpatient physical therapy quite soon after their TKR operation recovered quicker than those who only had physical therapy at home to start with. 

Even though those patients who underwent home physical therapy before seeking professional help had the same outcome as those who received outpatient physical therapy first, the recovery periods were dramatically different. 

The report looked at 109 TKR patients, all of whom had the options of having outpatient physical therapy within a week of their operation, or receiving at-home care for up to three weeks before moving on to have outpatient physical therapy. 

The outcomes, which were measured by the Knee Injury Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) and a 6-minute walk test (6MWT), resulted in similar scores for both groups. However, when the researchers looked at how long it had taken the patients to get to these optimum results, the group receiving outpatient care achieved their milestone 20 days sooner, on average, than those having at-home care. Both sets of patients received the same number of outpatient physical therapy sessions. 

The outpatient sessions lasted four to six weeks with two to three sessions per week, and were teamed alongside a daily exercise regime that focused on stretching, range of motion, lower extremity endurance and strengthening, and low-impact cardiovascular conditioning.

Recovering from Your Knee Replacement 

Even though the researchers involved in the above study advised that the route patients take often revolved around personal circumstances, it emphasized the importance of seeking physical therapy in Shallotte after a TKR. 

You’ll present yourself with the best possible chance of recovering quickly and effectively and enjoying day-to-day activities in no time. 

For physical therapy that’s tailored to your unique needs, look no further than Coastal Integrative Health. Our physical therapists boast years of experience, being dedicated to providing you with the results you want to achieve.

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