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Headaches Can Be Managed by Chiropractic Physicians

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on November 7, 2013

Headaches Can Be Managed by Chiropractic Physicians



It's not unusual to have an occasional headache. Such things as stress, certain foods, sprains, strains and sitting too long in one position can all result in a headache. Usually, some aspirin or acetaminophin is enough to take care of it.

When it's not enough, or when the headaches become too intense or too frequent, it's time to match up Headaches and Chiropractic medicine for a solution.

Headaches that originate in the neck or upper spine respond most favorably to spinal manipulation by a chiropractor. Most of these headaches are considered “primary headaches” because they originate in the neck area and are not caused by any other disease or underlying damage.

The usual cause is a twisting, tightening, or sudden movement that destabilizes the bones in the upper spine. If the bones don't “pop” back into place on their own, the headaches continue and can worsen. The nerves and blood vessels are irritated and are moved out of their normal, healthy position. The pain of a headache signals this dislocation.

If this dislocation is not addressed, the pain will not go away on it's own. Pain is a message that something is not right in our bodies. To ignore this message will not correct the underlying reason for the pain.

So instead of taking another pill, consider visiting a doctor of chiropractic for a complete evaluation. A physical exam and an x-ray are usually the starting point for spinal manipulation that can ease your symptoms almost immediately. If you haven't waited too long to seek relief, sometimes one or two visits are enough to re-position the spine so that your headaches are a thing of the past.

Don't wait. The longer your spine is out of alignment, the more stress is placed on the nerves and the more they cause pain. A headache is just a simple warning message that not all is well. Don't ignore it. Contact us today to schedule an exam and complete evaluation. Your headaches will disappear and you'll once again feel healthy and energetic


Dr. Brian S. Lank

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