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Tips for Golfing in the Winter

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on December 19, 2013

Tips for Golfing in the Winter

Even as the weather turns cool and blustery this time of the year, you can get your fix on the golf course with a few tips to help you stay warm and healthy.

1) Warm-up properly. In cool weather, it is important to do a thorough warm-up before beginning any activity. The goal of the warm-up is to raise your heart rate and begin to get ‘warm,’ increasing blood flow to your muscles. Include some light stretching and extra practice swings; a good warm-up reference point is to be right on the edge of breaking a sweat.

2) Dress in layers. It can be difficult to dress appropriately on a cold day, and it is common to either dress too warmly or too lightly for winter exercise. Even though it might seem counter-intuitive, dressing too warmly can result in excess sweating, and in cold weather this causes you to become chilled. So instead, dress in layers you can add and remove as you go.

3) Remember your extremities. Put on extra socks to keep toes warm; invest in high-quality gloves to protect your hands; and don’t forget a hat or ear warmer. In cold weather your body’s priority is to keep its core warm, leaving hands and feet vulnerable to frostbite.

4) Closely check the weather forecast. While exercising in cold weather is fine, with proper preparation, wind chill is a different story. A strong wind will penetrate your warm layers of clothes and can quickly lead to hypothermia. If the weather is too extreme, opt for an indoor workout or rearrange your plans until the weather improves.

5) Drink plenty of fluids. On hot days, most people remember to drink fluids before, during, and after exercise. In cold weather, though, hydration does not always come to mind. Drink even when you are not thirsty to prevent dehydration on cold, dry days.

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