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How Physical Therapy in Shallotte Can Help You Recover From and Prevent Injury

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on December 31, 2013

How Physical Therapy in Shallotte Can Help You Recover From and Prevent Injury

The human body is a most remarkable organic machine, capable of almost miraculous achievements. Even so, it is not impervious to injury, pain and breaking down. It needs exercise, stretching and healthy repetitive movement to retain strength and flexibility. It is easy to take the ability to move freely and enjoy an active lifestyle for granted if nothing has happened to compromise that capability.

If you have experienced an illness or injury that causes you to experience problems when you move, don’t assume that it will get better on its own. You should see the right doctors to help you recover, and find out if you could benefit from physical therapy in Shallotte.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are highly educated and licensed medical professionals who help people to recover from injuries and achieve their health and fitness goals. They are experts in how the human body operates and how to use physical activities and exercises to eliminate movement constraints and relieve muscle pains. If you have had an injury or illness, or just want to improve your chances of continued good health, a physical therapist can help. Physical therapy restores impaired functional abilities, and can restore strength and power to parts of the body affected by disease or injury.

Avoid Surgery

Surgery is necessary to repair some injuries, such as compound fractures and torn muscles that cannot heal without it. Physical therapy, though, can help to heal many common injuries without the necessity of surgery. Ailments such as strains, sprains, minor fractures, tendonitis, back pain, dislocated shoulders, and even some degenerative conditions like arthritis can be helped with physical therapy.

Prevent Sports Injuries

Of course it is better to prevent injuries than to treat them once they happen. Physical therapists know which parts of the body are vulnerable to strain and injury in various sports, such as golf, running and cycling. They can help people to prevent injury by coaching them in the proper methods of stretching and preparing their muscles for vigorous activities. A good physical therapist can help you to prepare for sports like golf, which requires a combination of complex movements, strength, flexibility, balance and control. Preparation can help you to enjoy your sport without undue concern about hurting yourself.

Methods of Treatment

Physical therapists use a variety of techniques, supplies and equipment to help you heal from injuries and regain full mobility. These methods include hydrotherapy, heat and cold therapy, electrical nerve and muscle stimulation, suspension and traction aids and more.

Physical therapy also helps a great many elderly people who have difficulty moving and walking without support. Exercises and activities are chosen that relax discomforting parts of the body to increase the range of free and comfortable movement. This enables them to feel more stable and confident in moving and walking about without help.

If you would like to know more about how physical therapy can help you to prevent or recover from injury, please contact us.

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