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Golf Fitness Is Important Part of Improving Your Game

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on January 28, 2014

Golf Fitness Is Important Part of Improving Your Game


Back in 2012, LPGA superstar and current world number 3 golfer, Stacy Lewis, was featured on Golf Channel's School of Golf. She talked about how she worked on her takeaway with her instructor, Joe Hallet. But a lot of her issues were because of strength so she got a trainer and strengthened her body so she could actually make the moves she was working on.


The key insight here is that you can take lessons and hit balls on the range all you want, but if you lack strength and flexibility you can struggle swinging the club properly. The golf swing is a very unique movement. It requires flexibility and muscles that typically don't get targeted with regular exercise programs.


That's why if you're serious about improving your golf game you should seek out a golf specific workout routine that targets your weaknesses in relation to the golf swing.


At Coastal Integrative Health, we do a 3D Biomechanical Performance Analysis that focuses on the backside and front side including:


  1. Subtalar Joint
  2. Ankle Joint
  3. Knee Joint
  4. Hip Joint
  5. Spine
  6. Shoulder
  7. Wrists and Elbows


Aside from improving the overall motion of your golf swing, golf specific fitness has many other benefits. First, you'll reduce your risk of injury. The golf swing is an explosive motion and it stresses different parts of your body. Common injuries that sideline golfers are back problems, rotator cuff injuries, and golfer's elbow. But a golf specific program can help you stay injury free and enjoying the game.


A second benefit is that it improves your overall health. Exercise is great for you and golf specific exercises are no different. You'll notice improved mood and energy. So you'll find yourself with as much energy and enthusiasm on the 18th green as you do on the 1st tee.


To see how Golf Fitness can improve your game and your life contact us today for a free consultation.

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