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The Spine-Brain Connection

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on March 7, 2014

Ever wonder how the brain communicates with the rest of the body? Or how the brain gets the proper nutrients it needs to keep developing and moving along? The brain attaches to the brain stem which attaches to the spinal cord at the base of the skull and goes all the way down into the ‘tail bone’ region. The brain sends the spinal cord messages and in response the messages are sent to your nerves and throughout the rest of your body. Did you know that your spine protects your entire spinal cord? The spine plays a very important role in keeping the spinal cord functioning at its best. In that same canal that the spinal cord runs up and down is a fluid called cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF). This fluid is important because it is how the brain receives its nutrients from the rest of the body. This fluid gets from the spine to brain with the use of a CSF “pump.” For this ‘pump’ to work and keep the fluid flowing there needs to be movement throughout the spine. The power for the pump is generated by the movement of the sacrum (the lowest portion of the spine) and the cervical spine (upper portion of the spine). For the CSF pump to move effectively, you need a healthy spinal column. Irregular or reduced motion of the sacrum and/or cervical spine will lead to an abnormal and reduced flow of important nutrients to the brain.
That’s why the spine-brain connection is so important! A bad back or neck will literally give you a bad brain. This is how the spine-brain connection comes into play. If you have damage, a misalignment, altered curves, and imbalances of the spine then the brain is not getting the most effective communication or nutrients to and from the rest of the body. That’s why, regardless of symptoms, people who want their brains to “talk” to their bodies should make sure to establish proper spinal hygiene.

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Dr. Katie Ulam
Chiropractic Physician
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