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Supplements April 2014

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on April 23, 2014

Tension Defense

Since we are well along the way into spring, many of us are a lot more active with golf, yard work, and activities outside-and with that comes some tight and sore muscles from not being so active in the winter. This month we are featuring one of Innate Response’s supplements called Tension Defense-it promotes healthy muscle function, stress response, helps to fight off fatigue in the muscles and alleviate pain and muscle soreness. 3 of the 5 ingredients consists of Magnesium, L-Malic Acid, and Taurine-which are all very beneficial to muscle endurance, decreasing tissue tension, decreasing stress in the muscles during activity, and aide in muscle cramps. Sound like something you may benefit from? Don’t forget-our patients get 15% off any Innate Response products by using our customer code. Click here for the customer code. You can register online or call the customer service number to set up your account-as of right now, I would recommend calling the customer service number to set it up because the influx of orders online is taking a little longer to get approved with the customer code.
Here are a few studies showing the benefits of Magnesium, L-Malic Acid, and Taurine:

“Taking malic acid in combination with magnesium may help treat fibromyalgia, according to a small study published in the Journal of Rheumatology in 1995. For the study, researchers assigned 24 fibromyalgia patients to treatment with either a placebo or a combination of malic acid and magnesium. After six months, those treated with the malic acid/magnesium combination showed a significant improvement in pain and tenderness.”

“Taurine supplementation will increase force production, improve endurance and performance in both aerobic and anaerobic system sports, and speed recovery from intense training. One recent study showed that intense exercise significantly lowers muscle taurine levels, but that administering taurine during the exercise session counters the loss of taurine and helps improve work capacity.”

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