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The painful truth about your pain…

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on October 21, 2014

As I sit here racking my brain on what to write about this month, weak glutes (your butt muscles), bad posture, sitting is bad for you, low back pain, how much I love pumpkin and mixing it with healthy food, what gluten does to increase inflammation in your body, how exercise makes your entire body feel good, etc etc etc. Well that all sounds great but I wanted to write something totally different than I normally do. Majority of you reading this probably already have had an issue where you came to see Dr. Lank or I or even another chiropractor because you were in pain. Most of the time we are your last resort. You have already gone to your medical doctor, are taking muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds, steroid packs, even a cortisone shot. You tried stretching, twisting, hot and cold, even had your dog walk on your back, but it just didn’t ease up.
You heard from a friend that they went to a chiropractor one time and that they had instant relief, so you gave it a thought. But you waited a little while longer, because the pain had already been there for 2 months what is another month, and it has to ease up eventually, right? But what happens if it does not?
So you finally break down and make an appointment to see a chiropractor, but you’re nervous and kind of think they are like witch doctors and use magic potions. Trust me, I have heard it all! (I sacrifice chickens in the back to help most patients…..I’m kidding!) But what the heck, if they can help ease that constant, nagging pain you have been living with then it’s worth a shot.
Now, let’s just pretend that pain you have been dealing with just so happens to be your lower back. If you were my patient, I would explain to you that even though your pain seemed to appear over night, odds are it didn’t happen that way. You may have had this lower back dysfunction that caused your pain to appear for a very long period of time. And the reason why those pain meds only helped for so long? Well it’s likely they were just masking your symptoms, not fixing the underlying musculoskeletal issue that is going on.
Fast forward to after your initial visit, we are no longer scary and mythical. Surprisingly, we are very realistic and down to earth and very disappointing with slim to no magic powers! But we did start to give you some relief, maybe not an over night instant cure, but you are starting to feel more like a human again. So maybe we are not so scary after all? So maybe that ‘adjustment’ thingy we did to your lower back region makes a little more sense than the pills that are no longer doing a darn thing for you. Should you come back for another visit? Worth a shot,right? Right.

To Your Health,
Dr. Katie

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