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Why Does My Back Hurt?

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on September 27, 2016

Do you ever ask yourself this question: ‘Why does my back hurt?' Did you know that back pain sends more people to the doctor than the common cold. It is also the 5th most common reason for hospitalization and 3rd most common cause of surgery. I am sure if you are reading this than yourself or someone close to you has had back pain before in their life. Most people do not come to us until they are in pain and the famous question we are always asked comes up: ‘But why does my back hurt?'
This is a great question! Most people think that when they reached down to pick something up or took a bad chip shot on hole 11 is what started it all but that is probably not the case. These things were just the cliche saying, the straw that broke the camel's back. But once again, we are back to the ‘why'. Well for starters back pain is not an over night process. One morning your back did not decide to start hurting out of no where-there are things in life we have done that have led up to this point. Most of us are pretty hard on our bodies and expect a lot out of them. Take an athlete for example, you think Cam Newton felt 100% after getting hit 17 times in the first game of the season? Doubtful. And yes, I know, we're not all Cam Newton so I will give some examples of how things we do in every day life can trigger our back pain to slowly creep on.
1. ‘I will take desk jobs for 500$'
Sitting! I hate sitting! There are now studies out that compare sitting and smoking stating that sitting is just as bad! It also shows that sitting puts 40% more pressure on the spine than standing. Our bodies were meant to move! Muscles weaken when we don't use them and inactivity leads to inactive joints and loss of lubrication in the joints as well. Make sure you have good ergonomics at your desk, a proper chair, and try to get up and move around every 30 minutes! Check out the front desk area next time you are at the office and see their exercise ball chairs they sit on- I highly recommend these!
2. Skipping the gym for bad food
The body loves to move-so move it! Skipping the gym is never a good idea. Even worse- skipping to go eat all you can eat wings with a friend. How about this- go walk 3 miles with your friend and end with a healthy snack. Your back and joints will love you for the movement and eating something that is going to be less inflammatory to the body will help even more. I always feel better after a good work out and it makes me more motivated to make the right choices with the food I am putting in my body.
3. My mattress isn't that old…
Think about how long you sleep in one night-now multiply that by 7 days a week, then by how many weeks are in a year-that is a lot of time in one mattress isn't it? So yes, the place you sleep can be affecting your lower back discomfort as well. The National Sleep Foundation states that a mattress only last a good 10 years. Do your body a favor and don't try to stretch out the life span of a mattress!
4. It doesn't hurt all the time…
Why are you ignoring your pain? This is how your body lets you know something is not right, similar to the check engine light on your car. There is a reason you are experiencing pain so come in and see us! That is our job to fix it and make the pain go away. Remember, pain is not a lifestyle!
5. Stress
Most people wouldn't think twice about stress intensifying their pain but it most certainly can. Life can throw a lot at you and most people don't know how to handle it so we hold onto it causing tension in our muscles which can lead to trigger points, adhesions, and muscle spams throwing your joints out of alignment causing more back pain. Chiropractic, physical therapy,massage therapy, and deep tissue laser therapy are all great ways to help relieve some of that built up stress in your life!
6. Functioning in our own dysfunction
I will end with this one. This pretty much sums up how most of us function in our daily routines. If you have back pain, most of you will work your way around it, whether it be a work out, sitting at your desk, or golfing 18 holes. You push through the pain and make yourself function improperly causing muscle imbalances and joint restrictions throughout these areas. Sound like you? Well then stop! When is the last time you have been into the clinic to have an adjustment? Stop ignoring your pain and listen to what your body is telling you.

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