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Chiropractic Care Improves Posture

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on October 21, 2016


Poor posture negatively impacts the health and appearance of individuals - back and neck pain, poor circulation, shallow breathing, fatigue, muscle tension, headaches, premature aging of the spine and poor self-image. Chiropractic care, which includes spinal manipulative therapy of the thoracic spine or mid-back area, teamed with stretching and strengthening exercises improves overall posture including a condition known as postural kyphosis.

Thoracic kyphosis is an increase in the normal thoracic curvature of the spine. Postural kyphosis most commonly presents due to a number of factors, such as:

  • Sitting with slouched posture
  • Texting
  • Carrying heavy bags or backpacks
  • Watching television
  • Breast development leading to insecurity, which causes shoulder protraction
  •  Heavy manual work
  • Fashion trends - wearing high heels

Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) - who receive a minimum of seven years of higher education - are primary care professionals for spinal health and well-being. Spinal manipulative therapy increases joint mobility and has shown to improve muscle function, improve movement and flexibility by decreasing hypertonicity or tightness in the muscles and alter the tone of the muscle.

About the Study

Materials and Methods

Thirty female participants between 20 and 39 years old were recruited for this study because 2 most cases of postural kyphosis occur in females. The women were broken into three groups - Group 1 received chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy to restricted thoracic spine segments; Group 2 received chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy to restricted thoracic spine segments as well as stretch and strengthening exercises; Group 3 received stretch and strengthening exercises only.


Group 1 received treatment once a week for 6 weeks. Groups 2 and 3 received three treatments a week for six weeks. Postural advice on how to sit and stand correctly was given to all three groups.


All three groups had a significant improvement in their posture, however Group 2's treatment protocol, consisting of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy to the thoracic spine in combination with stretch and strengthening exercises, yield the best results. Group 2 decreased the postural kyphosis or curvature of the spine.

Source: e_thoracic_spine_in_combination_with_stretch_and_strengthening_exercises_in_improving_po stural_kyphosis_in_woman

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