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I need a new mattress, what should I get?!

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on February 23, 2017

Mattresses. I swear I have been dreaming about them for the past 2 months plus. I never thought I could research so much on something. We spend a lot of time on our mattress, think about it, if you sleep an average 6 hours a night that's 42 hours a week in there! Most of the research states that we spend 25 years in bed-that's a decent amount of time! So what should you sleep on? I felt like Goldilocks in Mattress Firm a few weekends back-that is way too soft, that one is like a brick, this one feels about right. The down side of going into the store is that you are only laying on them for a few minutes at a time. I tried a lot of Tempurpedic and even some hybrids as well. For myself, I tend to like something that has more support and firmness to it. By the end of the hour it was hard to tell what mattress was even my favorite we had tried so many. I knew I wanted to do some more research at home after seeing the different types in the store. It also helped that my sister had recently bought a hybrid mattress and after about 30 days she felt worse waking up in the morning than she ever has. She tried to see if she could swap it out and they would not refund her money, only give her 50% off a different mattress. Now she is stuck with an expensive mattress that makes her feel ‘crippled' when she rolls out of it every morning. The store apparently did not have any trial period for the mattress and were not too concerned on how terrible the mattress made her feel. Needless to say, she is putting the mattress on Craigslist.

Since then I have read several different articles and research about the chemicals put into mattresses, the types of material some of them use, how they wear and the warranty, even down to where they are manufactured at and how long they sit in a warehouse before being put in a store or in your own home. The most popular and most comfortable from the research in 2016 have been memory foam and latex. They both have their good and bad points so I will give you the cliff notes of both.

Memory foam may be best for you if:  You experience painful pressure points, require an ultra-plush mattress, or enjoy the sinking/contouring sensation. Your partner's movements bother you at night. You do not naturally overheat when sleeping. Being eco-friendly is not your number one priority (though some are plant-based).

Latex may be best for you if: You prefer a resilient, buoyant feel, you want a firmer mattress (not all latex is firm, but can be made that way), heat and/or odor are of concern to you. You favor the natural and eco-friendly lifestyle, or you want to customize your mattress.

I decided to go with the latex after reading about some of the chemicals and gases that can come off some of the memory foam mattress. The one I chose is from a company I found online, they do not sell in stores. They also have a 120-day sleep trial period, so if I hate this thing day 119, they will come take it back and refund me in full. The 20-year warranty was another good selling point, the Tempurpedic I was looking at only has a 90-day sleep trial and a 10-year full refund warranty. This mattress is also eco-friendlier and that is a big thing to me. They tell you exactly what they put into them and where the products come from. It has 2 sides, one is a gentler sleep and the other is a medium to firm sleep. It is also made in the USA-mine was made in Greensboro the day I called and ordered it. I will leave the website to where I purchased it. I have had the mattress 2 nights and the first night was a lot of moving around trying to get used to it. The second night, I slept so good and did not want to get out of it the next day. All 3 of my dogs have approved of it as well. If you want an update on how well it really sleeps in 100 days, shoot me an e-mail and I can give you an update! If you have any other questions about what to sleep, send me an e-mail and I can help to guide you in the right direction. As always, Pain is NOT a lifestyle!

Here is the link to the latex mattress:


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