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Why does my back keep going out?

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on March 21, 2017

I'm often asked throughout the day, “why does my back keep going out?” Well the answer isn't black and white and there's a lot of contributing factors that lead to misalignments and a lack of proper joint motion.

Here are a few reasons our adjustments have a shelf life:

1.) Let's get this one out of the way - You're not 18 anymore. The years of wear and tear have left us with degenerative changes that have altered our ability to stay in proper alignment and move in an efficient manner. Degenerative osteoarthritis is an asymmetric process, meaning it will not impact you in a balanced way. The right side of your lower lumbar spine may wear significantly more than the left side. The same is true for every joint in your body when dealing with this kind of arthritis.

2.) We're creatures of habit. I want you to think about your day to day life for me. Odds are you tend to do a lot of the same things. You have that perfect spot on your couch that you like to sit in every night. You have “that chair” you do all the reading in. When you get in your car, you tend to keep you hands/arms in a certain position as well as leaning off to one side (whether you know it or not). At night time, you probably sleep on the same side of the bed every night and most likely, in the same position. You golfers out there, ever swing in the opposite direction? I think you get my point. We continually stress the same muscles, the same ligaments and the same joints over and over again leading to imbalances. This creates a cyclically event of misalignments. Imagine driving your car and only making right hand turns. Ask your mechanic how that's treating your tires and supporting cast.

3.) Lack of exercise. I can adjust a joint until I'm blue in the face, but the only thing that's going to help me keep it there is by performing specific corrective exercises and stretches. This is my prescription that doesn't come in a pill container, and as research has proven time and time again, it's more effective. I understand we have busy lives, but if you're not aiding our adjustments outside the office, the road to recovery is going to be longer and the outcomes shorter lived. The adjustment is a powerful tool but just like with everything else in life, it needs support.


The above reasons are why it's so important to not only adhere to the care plan, but to stick with chiropractic and have routine “spinal hygiene” checks. Staying in proper alignment can help slow the progression of arthritis and combat the stress from our daily lives. Everyone of my family members get's treated at least once every 4 weeks. Many of you have probably seen my brother pacing the halls waiting for his moment to sneak in. Don't worry though, I make him wait it out until there's a break!

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