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New moms and back pain related to infant carrying

Written By Coastal Integrative Health on May 9, 2017

For most new moms it is a struggle to get the kids in and out of the car and tote them in a car seat daily. It does not make it any easier that sometimes we lift these seats up incorrectly. On average a empty car seat can range from 9-17 pounds without a infant in the seat. You add a baby that ways 20lbs to that and your a muscle builder! Then you have a 20-40lb stroller to throw in the trunk. There is no easy way to do these daily task but, there are correct ways that will help save your back in the long run. Whenever you bend down to pick up the infant seat with your bundle of joy in it try and squat to pick it up instead of bending and pulling solely on your back.

Another way new moms do not realize they can be harming themselves is by having improper posture while carry their infant whether it be in a sling such as a wrap, forward facing carrier, or and backpack carrier. If you are able to tote your little one in any of the forms that is great! But, be sure to tote them with the correct posture and back stability. Depending on the weight of your infant you can place a huge strain on your back! If you try to maintain proper posture it makes it easier to utilize core muscles to tote your infant or infants!

There are a few stretches and strengthening exercises you can try to help decrease your back pain. You can check these out on our website or click on them below!

Cats and Dogs

Child's Pose


Also don't forget frequent adjustments help maintain your spine and keep things moving as they should!

As always, consult with your healthcare provider prior to engaging in any new exercise program.

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